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Our main research themes are:
1. Effect of Sphingolipids on the development of colon
2. Sentinel node navigation surgery for early gastric cancer
3. NAC for advanced gastric cancer
4. Coagulation disorder of severe peritonitis
5. NACRT for borderline-resectable pancreatic cancer
6. ARM preserving breast surgery
Our main clinical fields are in the areas of upper GI, lower GI, hepatopancreatobiliary, abdominal wall and breast surgery. Regarding our principles of clinical practice, we focus on standard, minimally invasive, personalized, exploratory and cost-conscious methods. In medical education, we aim to teach competence, communication and cost performance skills.

Contact Information

TEL: 076(286)2211(内線3127) / FAX: 076(286)4626 / Email:


Professor and Chair

  • KOSAKA Takeo 一般消化器外科4小坂

Professor (Adjunct)

  • NOGUCHI Masakuni


  • UEDA Nobuhiko

Associate Professor

  • KINAMI Shinichi
  • NAKANO Yasuharu
  • FUJITA Hideto

Senior Assistant Professor

  • NOGUCHI Miki

Assistant Professor

  • ONISHI Toshio
  • ONO Yukako
  • TOMITA Yasuto
  • KAIDA Daisuke
  • FUJITA Jun
  • MIURA Seiko
  • FUJII Yoritaka

Research Achievements

Research Activities

  • T.Ohnishi, C. Hashizume, M.Taniguchi, H.Furumoto, J.Han , R.Gao, S.Kinami, T.Kosaka, T.Okazaki, Sphingomyelin synthase 2 deficiency inhibits the induction of murine colitis-associated colon cancer. The Faseb Journal ( in press)
  • S.Kinami, H.Funaki, H.Fujita, Y.Nakano, N.Ueda, T.Kosaka, Local resection of the stomach for gastric cancer. Surgery Today 47:651-659, 2017
  • Y.Nakano, M.Noguchi, M.Noguchi, Y.Ohno, E.Morioka, T.Kosaka, T.Takahashi, H.Minato, The roles of (18)F-FDG-PET/CT and US-guided FNAC in assessment of axillary nodal metastases in breast cancer patients. Breast cancer 24:121-127, 2017
  • S.Kinami, Optimal settings and accuracy of indocyanine green fluorescence imaging for sentinel node biopsy in early gastric cancer. Oncology letters 11:4055-4062, 2016
  • T. Onishi, T. Kosaka, E. Morioka, D. Kaida, Y. Tomita, Y. Ono, M. Noguchi, H. Funaki, S. Kinami, K. Omote, Y. Nakano, N. Ueda: Low preoperative total cholesterol level predicts poor survival following curative resection in gastric cancer. J Kanazawa Med Univ 37: 127-131, 2012

External Research Funding

  • T.Kosaka, Grant for Collaborative research of Cancer Research Institute of Kanazawa University 2016; Analysis of the relationship between the molecular pathological characteristics of transcription target CRD-BP of β-catenin / Tcf and colorectal cancer pathology.
  • S.Kinami,; Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (C) 2012; Development of a novel technique using antibody-labeled nano-beads for diagnosis of lymph node metastasis.
  • T.Kosaka, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (C) 2011; A novel strategy to control recurrence by predicting the effect of anticancer drugs after curative resection for advanced gastric cancer.